What is the Challenge?

The Purple Plow Challenge encourages students to research scenarios related to food, hunger and sustainability and build their own prototypes to solve the defined problem. Resources provided for facilitators, students and volunteers are written by teachers, aligned to national learning standards and reviewed by industry experts…

Is this for you?

The Purple Plow Challenge is a great fit for individuals, groups, and classes in grades 6,7 and 8. It’s perfect for maker spaces, after school programs, in-school lessons, 4-H clubs, library learning, scout troops and more!

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Current Challenge: Save The Soil

Only 11% of our Earth’s land surface has the topsoil considered suitable for producing food. In the United States alone, we are losing at least 3 billion tons of topsoil a year to erosion! Without topsoil, our land becomes a desert and is not capable of producing food. Ready to dig deep to save the soil? Check out the current challenge page for the fall challenge that runs August 15th – November 1st!


See some of our past winning teams!

Congratulations to these amazing middle school students. Each of these teams won a 3D printer and Visa gift card to help them buy supplies for their next maker challenge!

5th Grade GATES Class, Hatfield Elementary
Teacher: Rebecca Davis
Northwest ISD, Justin, TX

Canton R-V Team #6
Teacher: Lezlie Durst
Canton R-V School District, Canton, MO

LeRoy Junior High School
Teacher: Katie Buckley
LeRoy School District, LeRoy, IL